Seat # 150

I’m Tom Parsekian and I’m running for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge. 

For nearly 30 years I’ve had the pleasure to serve as a litigation and trial lawyer in the Superior Court. It’s through this experience that I have witnessed firsthand the vital role the Court plays in upholding the integrity of our judicial system as well as its lasting effects on the lives of those entering the trial court.

As a Superior Court Judge, I’ll bring integrity and fairness to the bench. 

Today, more than ever, it’s essential that we elect judges to the Superior Court who place the integrity of the Court above all other interests. It is critical that our Superior Court judges make decisions without fear or favor; without bias, without prejudice, without preconceived notions or influences; but solely dedicated to the fair administration of justice.

Because that’s what everyone deserves when they enter a courtroom. 

What happens in the trial court can have a consequential and lasting effect on people’s lives. When someone enters a courtroom they should be entering a judicial system populated by judges who are fair and honest and who will give them an even and informed decision and judgment.

I’ll be that Judge. 

A vote for me for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge on March 3, 2020, is a vote for integrity, honesty, fairness and respect for all, so the people can have confidence in our judicial system and know that the administration of justice is not just fair for somebody, but fair for everybody.

That’s my pledge to you!